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Welcome: We’re listening’ seeks to uncover cultural and social norms of non-Singaporeans that may be perceived negatively by the local community and how we can work together to promote better cross-cultural understanding.

We live in a highly globalized era. Yet, there is a growing trend of nationalism in pockets of society the world over.

Singapore has a large population of foreign nationals and we are beginning to witness a rise in xenophobic sentiment among locals; from incendiary remarks online to general attitudes towards non-Singaporeans.

What is causing this? Do certain actions and behaviors spark these ill-feelings? Do stereotypes play a part? Or perhaps, a lack of understanding?

Tell us. We're listening.

listen. engage.

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1. Do you feel that non-Singaporeans in our workforce are important to Singapore's growth & survival? 2. What are some of the stereotypes you've heard? Do you think they are true/justified? 3. Are any of these stereotypes disturbing, and why? 4. Generally speaking, are Singaporeans xenophobic? 5. Have you encountered any incidents with non-Singaporeans whereby you felt discomfort or displeasure? Could you elaborate on them?

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